The USC Ski and Snowboard Team is a group of about 100 guys and girls who are stoked on riding (downhill, park, back country, or just for fun). Each year we rent out a house up in Mammoth and have it available to the team from early November all the way through the end of May. The house is just a short hike from the base of the mountain—ski in and ski out when we have snow-and located minutes from Mammoth Village.

The team organizes carpools up to Mammoth each weekend and team members can sign up to go as many or as little times as they want!!  Everyone on the team is super hyped on skiing or snowboarding— however, racing and competition is completely optional. While only a small portion of the team actually participates in racing within the league, the team will generally sponsor anyone who wants to try it out.

Off the mountain the team has a lot of fun together.  Pre-season we often organize camping trips, BBQ’s, ski movie premiers and tailgates.  The team dynamic is really awesome because everyone shares an enthusiasm for the outdoors/actions sports but are also very involved in a variety of different academic and social groups on campus that make for a really unique group of people.  There are so many more perks to being a part of such a rad group, scroll down below or feel free to contact any of the officers with any questions, thoughts or concerns!


Commonly Asked Questions:

Who can join the team?
Anyone currently enrolled at USC can join the Ski and Snowboard Team. We welcome skiers and snowboarders of all abilities, without any preference for those with higher abilities.

What if I’m not that good/haven’t been riding long?
Our team is one of the best places to come if you are serious about progressing. We have people from all abilities on the team, and we want to see everyone progress as much as possible

What about lift tickets and passes?
Since the team does not have an inexhaustible budget, lift tickets are the responsibility of the member. On race weekends, lift tickets are offered at discounted rates (around $40). Outside these weekends, regular lift ticket prices apply to our members. Regular day tickets sell for $78 so many members get season passes. Mammoth offers a variety of season passes. Please check their website (mammothmountain.com) for more information. Last year Mammoth offered a college pass for $299 for unlimited riding at Mammoth and June. Another  option is to purchase a June Mountain college pass ($125). Keep in mind June passes cannot be used at Mammoth.

How much are dues?
Dues are  $150 to join the USC Ski and Snowboard Club,  and housing dues are $350.  Team dues are applied towards SCCSC and USCSA registration, Mammoth Mountain course operation fees, team events, bib fees, as well as other costs incurred by the team. Spaces are limited and the team fills up fast so turn in your money early. Keep in mind that DUES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

What is included with team membership?
The team will organize carpools any weekend or break that any members want to go to Mammoth. Members also receive discounts on equipment and gear from our many sponsors. By joining the team you are eligible to compete in as many Southern California Ski & Snowboard competitions as you desire. Joining the team is a great way to meet new people and the list goes on for other assets associated with the team.

What is included with housing membership?
If you sign up for housing, you have access to a three story house throughout the season. The house has bedrooms, a kitchen, a full garage with tuning supplies and equipment racks. The house is leased through the team officers, and only students that are part of the club are allowed to sign up for housing.

What are the expectations for every team member?
– We require members to attend every meeting we have. Members are notified at least 1 week in advance of scheduled meetings, and absence from meetings is unacceptable.

– Have respect for the house and the living situation. This means cleaning the house and making sure that the house is kept in good condition at all times. Maintaining livability of team housing is the responsibility of all members, not just officers.

– Have respect for the team. We are all adults here, and we are all responsible for our own actions. Disrespecting any of the team bylaws is immediate grounds for expulsion from the team. This team works hard to make it fun for everyone. We aren’t tolerant of any behavior that will have adverse consequences for the team.

Can I bring a guest with me?
Guests are welcome to stay in team housing. For liability reasons, the hosting member must notify officers before bringing any guests. All guests are required to pay guest fees ($25 a night) and fill out a USC liability waiver BEFORE leaving for Mammoth.  If the guest hasn’t paid fees before their assigned carpool time, they will not be allowed to stay up in the house.

Any fees not paid, or damages caused by the guest become the responsibility of the hosting member and the host member will lose all team privileges until issues and fees are resolved.

What does the team do before the resorts open?
We focus on getting new members involved with the team. This means hosting events in the pre-season and encouraging new members to participate. We love it when new members come hang out with us. Not only does it give them a sense of belonging at USC, but it also provides new members with a chance to understand the workings of the team. We also take our pre-season time to finalize plans for the remainder of the season. We only have a limited time each year to plan for the remainder of the season before we have to start planning for the next season.

Is racing mandatory?
While racing is not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged. Our races are more about having fun than creating an intense cutthroat atmosphere. However, those looking for a challenge will find it in our league. Racing is a great way to develop your skills and contribute to the team. All registered racers will earn league points for the team as well as league points for themselves.

Who can enter races?
As long as you are a team member. If you know you want to race more than once, sign up as a registered racer. Prior to every race weekend, an e-mail will be sent to all members asking who will be racing the upcoming weekend. In order to be seeded in each race, members must reply to each email or they will not be seeded.

What races are there?
Skiers can compete in Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Slalom, Giant Slalom and Skiercross races. For snowboarders, SCCSC offers Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Giant Slalom, and Boarder-Cross competitions.

Are there try-outs for the team?
This team is all about having fun. We don’t have try-outs for membership, but we do consider race standing when deciding where to seed members for races. As a new member, you will be ranked in the “B” class for Slalom or GS initially. For Boarder-X and Skier-X, everyone starts equally each race.

I don’t have a car, so how do I get to Mammoth?
The officers will arrange carpools every weekend and holiday period. As long as you reply to emails promptly, and there are enough drivers you will be assigned a ride up. It is very rare that someone is unable to find a ride, as our officers work very hard making sure everyone gets to the mountain when they need to. As a passenger, you are expected to contribute gas money to the driver. A good rule of thumb is to estimate total gas cost and then divide by the number of passengers.

What about team trips?
There are team trips for racers that decide to compete in the regional and national competitions. Prior to the competitions, we will find out who is interested and organize the trips based on the amount of interest. Depending on the number of people interested in travelling to competitions, the team may be able to cover some part of the travel and registration costs.

You haven’t answered my questions, what do I do next?
Contact an officer. We will try to answer whatever questions you have. You can also send e-mails to the team account (uscsnowsports@gmail.com). Even if you have suggestions or concerns, never hesitate to contact an officer or bring them up at meetings.

Some team statistics:

  • The team is comprised of over 100 members that are actively involved in other groups on campus, including sororities and fraternities.
  • USC Ski & Snowboard team competes against all of the major schools in Southern California at Mammoth Mountain as part of the Southern California Collegiate Snowsports Conference, which in turn is part of the United States Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Association.
  • The USC Ski & Snowboard team competes in skiing giant slalom, skiing slalom, snowboarding giant slalom, skiercross, boardercross, slopestyle, and halfpipe competitions.
  • The USC Ski Team is the two-time National Champion for overall freestyle skiing, winning in Winter Park, Colorado in 2009 and Sunday River, Maine in 2010.
  • Our videos on our YouTube channel  (here’s our old YouTube channel) have received over 3.8 million views.
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